About Me

Hello my name is Anthony Gamboa and I'm a fountain pen guy.

Ever since I was in grade school I was always interested in fountain pens. Whenever I would see them in a cartoon or movie I would be reminded that I want, no need, to have one. I finally started learning more about them and bought nicer and nicer pens.

I just love this community and learning more about this subject. I'm no expert, but I want to always be learning and sharing my experiences with the community. I have been wanting to start this project, and others like it, for so long now. I finally got tired of making excuses and started making content.

You can follow me on Twitter @antonwlkr

Find me on Instagram at @fpguy

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Below I have a list of gear I am currently using. Check back for updates, the list should be changing from time to time.

My Gear